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Beaverton Schools

Mission Statement

At William Walker, WE are a dedicated group of staff, students, parents, and community partners committed to the development of a positive, caring, and stimulating learning environment. We model a lifelong commitment to growth and are constantly learning together and adapting our practices to meet the ever-changing learning needs of our school.

The Four Pillars of Learning are addressed each day as we seek to individualize and pursue multiple approaches to teaching and learning in order to help each and every student reach his or her full potential.


All stakeholders at William Walker strive to give their personal best every day. It is expected that all staff and students deliberately pursue specific strategies, skills, and attitudes that support teaching and learning. Academic and behavior goals are set; growth is monitored and communicated. Once learning goals are met, new and challenging goals are created.


Adults adjust and adapt instruction in order to best meet the needs of each and every child. We face challenges head on, capitalizing on the resources available to us. We provide continual support for new and existing initiatives that prepare our students to be college and career ready.


The rich diversity of our staff, parent, and student community is our greatest asset. Together, our expectation is that all students will succeed academically and socially, regardless of race, religion, socio-economic status, language, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.


We cultivate and nurture relationships, engaging staff, students, parents and the wider community in our shared vision. William Walker’s innovative approach to collaborative models (such as co-teaching) allows faculty to pursue best practices and tailor instruction to each individual student. No one teaches or learns in isolation.‚Äč